The Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Club was established in 1922 and has grown to become one of the premier Surf Lifesaving Clubs in Australia.

Mooloolaba’s Old Boys/Past Members have traditionally played a significant role within the surf club as mentors, custodians of history and tradition and a strong link with past times.

For many, our years in the club were among the most influential and enjoyable experiences of our lives. They left a legacy of life-long friendships and a reservoir of wonderful memories.

But, as the years go by, it becomes harder to maintain those connections and to make new ones across different generations of past members.

That’s why, as we head towards the club’s 100th anniversary concerted efforts have been made to strengthen the Old Boy network and make sure we remember and celebrate the heritage of club that boasts such a rich lifesaving history.

We aim to strengthen and renew connections among these former members themselves and to encourage stronger links between them, the club and the current crop of active members.

One of our more recent initiatives has been the launch of a bi-monthly magazine for past members aptly named The Mooloolaba Connection, copies of which appear on this site.

A common goal among former members who gained so much from their experiences in the club, is to find ways to “give back’’ in whatever ways we can.

One early initiative has been a major fundraising initiative to create a bursary for young members who could benefit from financial assistance. We hope this will be the first of many such initiatives.

The Old Boys/Past Members group welcomes anyone who has actively served in the Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Club and would like to stay connected with their old club.


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