Vietnam Vets & Ex-Services BBQ

Vietnam Vets

Vietnam Vets & Ex-Services BBQ

For the past 15 years the Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving club has provided the Vietnam Vets & Ex-Services Sunshine Coast Branch (VVSC), the use of our members BBQ & kitchen facilities for their Thursday morning BBQ’s.

The initiative started in 2004 by long time member Hayden Kenny when he noticed the VVSC were struggling to hold their BBQ in the high tourist seasons, so he asked the then President Doug Jewry if the club could assist.

The club at the time had just installed the BBQ facility and were offered the use of the space every Thursday morning where Vietnam Vets, current and Ex-Services personal enjoy a breakfast burger for $5 and get together.

This prompted a lot of the Vets to take up active or honorary roles within the Surf Club including Radio Operators, First Aid officers, IRB and Bronze Medallion holders and Trainers & Assessors. 

The event has grown significantly over the years and is all inclusive of all Vets and Service Men & Women and their spouses and children.

Where: Mooloolaba Surf Club Members Area

When: Every Thursday morning from 7:00am (excluding Christmas day if applicable)

Cost: $5 for brekky burger (no cost if you are not eating)

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